Lente 5.4mm f/2.5 60d HFOV 10MP (No Distortion)

Model Number DJICA1103B054D
Focal Length 5.4mm
35mm Equivalent (on 1/2.3″ sensor) 18.8mm
Fisheye/Barrel Distortion NO
Black Vignetting NO
Weight (Stock GoPro Lens = 5.5g) 6.83g
Angle of View (V*H*D) 46º*60º*70º degrees
Aperture (f Stop) 2.0
Back Focal Length (BFL) 5.98mm
Dimensions (Diameter x Length) ф14*L18.80mm
Native Camera Sensor Support 1/2.3″
Native Megapixel Support 10MP
Thread Material Metal

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The 5.4mm is an optimal non-fisheye 4K lens providing a 2x narrower field of view versus a GoPro stock lens. Perfect for use on aerial platforms as its slight extra weight will not effect gimbal balance. Due to the longer Back Focal Length of this lens it is recommended you also purchase our Supermount to hold the lens more securely than the stock lens mount. A narrower lens will cause you to capture more vibrations compared to the stock lens, so make sure to use a Neutral Density Filter to slow the camera’s shutter speed and reduce image jello.


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