ZHIYUN Rider-M 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Para Camara

Tech Specs.
Item Min. Standard Max. Remark
Operation Voltage 6.8V 12.6V
Operation Current 50mA 80mA 3000mA
Output Voltage 5V
Output Current 800mA
Following Deviation in Static State ±0.01° ±0.05°
Following Deviation in Motion State ±0.05° ±0.1° ±0.4°
Tilt Angle Range 320°
Roll Angle Range 270°
Pan Angle Range 640°
Controllable Tilt Angle -135° +185°
Controllable Roll Angle -30° +30°
Controllable Pan Angle -320° +320°
Operation Temperature -10°C 25°C 45°C
Battery Runtime 3.5h 4.5h 5.5h
Charging Time 2h
Valid Payload 160g
Compatible Cameras GoPro3/4/5 Camera
Packing List
Item Qty.
Gimbal Stabilizer 1
Camera Protection Sticker for Pan Axis Motor 1
Camera Mounting Adapter 1
18350 Battery Charger 1
18350 Li-ion Batteries 4
Micro USB Cable 1
AV Output & Charging Cable (4-pin) 1
Camera Charging Cable (3-pin) 1
Extension Rod 1
Storage Bag 1
User Guide 1
Warranty Card 1
Company Contact Card 1
Packing Specifications
Item Dim./Weight Remark
Product Dimension 78*73*109mm W*D*H
Package Size 246*198*61mm L*W*H
Carton Size (Dedicated) 450*360*300mm L*W*H
Product Net Weight 180g/Unit
Gross Weight (including package) 1030g/Unit
Packing Weight 11.5kg/Carton 10 Units/Carton

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Detalles del producto

”Ride Hard or Go Home”

RIDER-M is a highly portable and wearable stabilizer specially designed for outdoor enthusiats and adventure sports photographers/videographers, mountable by almost all standard action cameras with size of 42.3x30mm, including GoPro Hero 1/2/3/3+/4/5, as well as Xiaomi Yi camera. With a standard ¼” threaded hole at the bottom, it is compatible with various add-ons of photographic accessories, allowing freehand capture for even extreme motion scenes.

Real-time Display Monitor

Designed with a 3.5mm video output port on its side, RIDER-M allows connection to an external display monitor that the user can easily see and check camera image for real-time angle adjustments thru mobile APP or a dedicated remote control. Get ready now to unlock more creative visual angles by placing RIDER-M on any mounting base at any shooting spot you like.

NOTE: Bluetooth remote control is available within the periphery of 10 meters radius in absence of electromagnetic interference (actual operation condition depends on the site environment).

Easy Mounting Design

RIDER-M allows very easy manual setup with thumbscrew fixing & securing design for convenient installation of both camera and batteries that it only takes you less than 1 min. to get ready for work.

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